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Taking Care of Painting and Sketch drawing

Why I'm writing this Blog ?

After buying a painting for thousands of rupees, many people are not aware that these paintings also deserve some care. Well, this is what prompted me to write this blog. Awareness and proper care of Art-works like portrait or sketch drawing Read More...

Paintings for your Empty Walls

Now a days people in cities spend their time mostly indoors. They are living indoors, working indoor offices, doing exercise and running on treadmills which are again indoor activities. They are doing shopping in malls not in open Bazaars. Read More...

Drawing face with a pencil

I like to draw and paint, but I also like to write. Writing and drawing are two different things. But I like both. That's why I have combined both of them together and therefore I write about what I draw and paint. Isn't it an excellent idea ? Read More...

Oil Colour Portrait & Charcoal Pencil Portrait

Today I'm going to write about the differences between Oil colour portrait & charcoal pencil portrait. Because majority of art-lovers sometimes get confused as to which one is better than the other. Read More...