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About The Artist

My Passion for Portrait & Sketch
Portrait painting and Sketch drawing always attracted me. I was effortlessly good in pencil sketching and colour paintings since my school days.

This passion for art continued to grow during my prestigious service in Air Force. However, being more focused on further studies and my duties to the nation, it remained as a hobby. After my retirement, I started the professional journey of painting, portraits and sketching art. My dedication and continuous practice brought best results.

What I do as an Artist
1. Portrait painting from photo, on canvas with acrylic and oil colours.
2. Sketch drawing of face and figure on paper with pencil and dry colours.
3. On the spot live sketches with Pencil
4. Landscapes, Animal Portraiture and colourful abstract art on canvas.
5. I also do customized works like logo-design, banners, illustration and wall painting for schools, hotels & corporate office.

My Artistic Qualifications
I did 5 years Dip. in Painting which not only sharpened my skills and creativity but it also familiarized me with the history of Indian and Western arts and techniques. Study of anatomy was very useful in improving myself as a figure and face sketch artist.

My study of English Literature in M.A. helped me in expanding my imagination and vision of arts. Literature helps in describing human character more effectively which is very important in personality portraits and in sketching facial expressions.

My Art Experience
Experience matters in every aspect of life. And I was lucky enough to get opportunities to gain experience. As a result, I made hundreds of ''on the spot'' live sketching of face, in various events in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. And I have also made several hundreds of portrait and sketches from photo for my art-loving customers. Being a natural artist, I'm equally good in canvas paintings like Landscape, Abstract arts and Animal painting.

Quality of Art-works
Although I have kept the costs low to make it affordable for more and more art-lovers, yet I never compromise with the quality of my Art-works. I use each new art work as an opportunity to move up to the next level of excellence. I never leave my work till I'm fully satisfied.

My Growth as an Artist
I believe that hard work is the launching pad for talent. Therefore, I have combined my artistic talent with hard work for my continuous growth. My hard-work and the appreciation I get from my art-loving customers have helped me in becoming best and professional portrait and pencil sketch artist in Delhi NCR.

My Future Plans
I'm planning to make Portraits with abstraction, in all mediums, whether it's Acrylic, charcoal, Colour Pencils, oil colours or water colours. This will give me unlimited scope to utilize my creativity with freedom. Who doesn't like freedom ? Secondly, I will focus more on semi-abstract Landscapes. Wow... both these things are going to be exciting.

- Tripati Dey
Art Creator